Amanita Versailles (in process)

Collage series begun in 2015 and continuing. Visual thinking through influences and experiences, mixing:

  • Yayoi Kusama’s mirror works and this essay by Ricky D’Ambrose
  • simultaneously unlimited and absolutely limited work possibilities of my present practice (life with a baby and at the moment without a creative community in Finland) and the necessity of limits (The Five Obstructions, Leth + Von Trier, 2003)
  • this mushroom, Amanita Muscaria or The Fly Agaric, which is red here in Finland and yellow back home. Its beauty in the forest is startling and attractive, and one is drawn to it despite knowing its poisonous effect. Many ethnomycologists and mycophagists keep insisting on various ways to consume it, but really it’s just bad for you, you know? Amanita Muscaria is an apt figure to stand in scenes of contemporary media consumption and analysis.
  • and more as I forage it…

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